Making the world a better PLATE.


100% vegan & plant-based, always.

Eat Nice is on a mission to get more of us eating plant-based by making it delicious, easy, and familiar. Our frozen filled pastas satisfy nostalgia for traditional products while offering unexpected and yummy flavors made from clean, simple ingredients.

Creamy Nada Ricotta Ravioli

Remember that perfect ravioli bite that started it all...?

Al dente pasta stuffed with delicate, creamy cheese...

Well, it's back! Only it's not a ricotta anymore...

It's Nada Ricotta.

Meaty Walnut Ravioli

It started as a pesto. Then something magical happened...

When organic walnuts met organic sundried tomatoes in a gi-normous grinder...

Think braised walnut


Yeah, WE Did it.


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